moon mirror

Every so often: the comfort when a silent sun falls on you.

You unload in the noiseless daylight. Empty your heart of what angers. Shake your wrists free of what worries. Look at your loved ones like you just met them. Fall in love again.

Every so often: the comfort when a quiet moon shines on you.
You peek into the night. Look at yourself in the river light.
See how it ripples and flips, mirrors and flickers.

Tomorrow, next week, later, whenever you will be full again. Arms heavy with village and armor. You will tie your loves and duties on like friendship bracelets, letting them hold you steady, letting you hold them safe.

But today, every so often: the comfort when a heavy blankness falls over you. You reflect. Every pebble burbles your image, warps your smile.

You reflect.

You smile.

You put your hands in the water, and for a few seconds,
wash yourself away.