some things kind

Some Things Extra Kind
To Do With Extra Time
(Positive reviews lead directly to more sales, and more 5-star reviews!)

– 5-Star your favorite small businesses.
– 5-Star your favorite books, especially indie books, poetry, and graphic novels.  Especially, especially books written by your favorite humans..
(Subscribing/Following  is voting with digital dollars.)

– Follow blogs written by people who are important to you.
– Subscribe to the YouTube channels that support our community.
– Follow friends on Ko-Fi and Patreon, even if you can’t give money.
(Your joys are beautiful. Be generous.)

– Tell a funny story.  Post a cute picture.  Let us know about your wins.  #ABreakingNewsBreak is a beautiful gift.
(Favoriting and Lists Tell the Algorithm What People Want)

– Add your friends’ books to wishlists on Amazon.
– Add your friends’ books to your GoodRead’s To-Read or Read list.  Or make a theme list, like “Poetry I love”
– Search through Etsy. Favorite everything you think is cool!
(Just do what you can.)

– If research is your gift, a lot of people need you. Compile resources for your city. Read through that giant list of grants for artists going around and post about the ones that apply to your community. Maybe even just focus on one, and explain how it works.  We’re collectively overwhelmed and need your superpowers..
(Thanks for doing your best.)

– Slow down. Kindness is easier to find if you take your time, and reflect on your thoughts.
– Share anything that is both necessary and kind. Consider the idea that something kind and unnecessary is also actually necessary. Flood the feeds with words and acts of hope and love.

3 thoughts on “some things kind

  1. Excellent ideas! I’m doing my best not to watch the news, at least more than the first couple minutes (just to make sure nothing even worse is happening), and to spend time doing and seeing beautiful things. Your ideas are wonderful. Stay safe.

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