poem: love letter to my future self

I opened my heart
& watered myself for You.

such a beautiful
blossom You are,

so beautiful
I forgive myself,

I forgive myself
these rainfalls
into an open wound.




Based on the prompt from Fight Evil with Poetry, “Write a Love Letter to Your Future Self” and Discover Prompt, “Open”. And, these every-day-posts are courtesy of the #AprilCheerPepper challenge.

6 thoughts on “poem: love letter to my future self

  1. Hmmm. I said that “hivin'” was my favorite read ever, but this gets right to my heart, too.

    It might just be that my heart’s in an especially Rarasaur kind of mood. It might even be said: Your’e the bee’s knees.

    😀 ♥



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