List: what’s made me smile

In no particular order, here are 33 things that have made me smile recently

  1. Danny Maika performing Dave’s and my song in his Facebook Lives, along with so many other of my favorites
  2. The murals commissioned by my city to brighten the boarded up buildings around me. Perfectly timed for my arrival back in Long Beach.
  3. All the pharmacy folk who made my medicine pick up so easy and safe.
  4. Frangipane
  5. Romance novels that are part of long, winding series
  6. The bubble machine Donny put on his patio that blasted an array of iridescence all over his city street
  7. RootedNYC’s support hotline for plant care
  8. Donny, who is a picky eater, and does not eat cheese, adding cheese to his cornbread recipe just for me. (Made me teary, actually, but there was a smile in that somewhere.)
  9. The Roommate and I sitting down yesterday, after a terrible day, and clinking our glasses together in silence
  10. SomeGoodNews
  11. Receiving my newest edition of The Happy News
  12. Theraspec glasses, that really help me read again
  13. Rocky Bulboa, my amazing onion
  14. A butterfly that passed by my window
  15. A tiny cocktail party on Zoom with some of my closest people
  16. The purple velvet dress I wore to that party
  17. Seeing my friends booking poetry gigs
  18. Pictures of homemade bread
  19. CheerPeppers doing their amazing thing. Follow the AprilCheerPepper tag for examples.
  20. Discover WP coming back to life with prompts, coming through in a time when people really needed it
  21. ConceptsBot on Twitter
  22. Friends making masks, crocheted things, poems, stories, songs, quilts, paintings, etc
  23. Hearing that one of Dave’s stories is being made into a short film that already has a trailer
  24. The decision to retire Sack Nasty on May 6th. It’s time.
  25. Using my camera, even though I haven’t taken any interesting pictures. Yet.
  26. Donations to Paypal or Ko-Fi that have allowed me a little wiggle room since panels and events have been my only income since the strokes, and now, of course, those are all cancelled.
  27. My therapist’s aplomb in the face of literally anything. ANYTHING.
  28. My PTSD medication
  29. The one or two good dreams I’ve had in months
  30. Childhood prayers
  31. Puns
  32. Locals supporting each other. Our restaurants here have started selling hard-to-get groceries from their stock, and donating meals to nursing homes. Our local designers are making masks for people who need them. Our retail shops have put together online markets to support their vendors. It’s beautiful.
  33. The texts Donny sends me now that I’m not there. Texts that purportedly come from my stuffed bunny, Fern.
Image description: Close up but slightly out of focus picture of Fern the Bunny’s face sent as a text, accompanied by the misspelled (she’s only a bunny) text message that proclaims it to be a “selfy”

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