unicorn art- because you earned it

Rembrandt – Danaë (loves her Unicorns)
Vincent van Gogh – The (Unicorn and the) Starry Night
Salvador Dali – Melting Clocks (and Levitating Unicorns)
Pablo Picasso – Don Quixote (and his Unicorn)
Georgia O’Keeffe – Rust Red (Unicorn) Hills

For yesterday’s post, I asked my Instagram Stories friends to help me come up with ideas for a post. I knew I wanted to make a list, but couldn’t think of what I wanted to do. Someone suggested reviving this theme, but because it had been so long since I posted unicorns in fine art (2013!), and because that post is no longer available, I thought I’d post some of my favorites again. Maybe the next one should be balloons in fine art? Or bubbles?

[Image descriptions: All of these are just the fine art paintings mentioned in the captions, with a unicorn badly photoshopped in. 🙂 ]

8 thoughts on “unicorn art- because you earned it

  1. Haha xD can I just say this is pure genius. Really adds an extra element to those pieces ( besides the blatantly obvious unicorn, of course.)
    Balloons should be your next, I think



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