cycles and check ins

This will hopefully not be my only post of the day, but I’ve been thinking of posts from the past that have seeming relevance today.

Like this one written in jail, posted by Dave, when I had been kept inside for months.

Or this one, which is one post that I know will be clicked on after every big world tragedy, even though I’ve never seen it shared or re-posted.

Or this page, which is actually just a table of contents leading to post about grief, but it intros with thoughts about the jello-ish nature of grief.

Have you written anything in the past that seems like it would fit perfectly here now? Send me links! What are you writing now? Send me links!

Where’ya at with the world right now? How is everything you are holding? (Have you written about it? Send me links!)

2 thoughts on “cycles and check ins

  1. I love that you keep up with us. Thank you … I tend not to be very good at that. I grow weary in my well-doing (to turn that Bible verse on its end a bit). I write a few things on private pages for my prayer group but haven’t been doing a lot publicly. I’ve enjoyed being my usual hermit self, indignant at the interruption to (gasp!) leave my yard and drive in a car after a three-week stint because the dentist made me come to continue the bridge work they’d begun before the pandemic. I sit in awe of all the people (mainly at work, who use video conferencing daily on the ordinary) who’ve turned into small children, as if they have discovered a new toy … our meetings never begin at the appointed time because there is always at least 10 to 15 minutes of ‘everything is so different’ … ‘how is everyone holding up with the stay in orders?’ … ‘our Easter was just the three of us’ … I grow weary of that too so I sit in my corner, until posts like yours come along and I blurt it all out through my fingers. I decided now was a good time for counseling, so I had my first virtual appointment (what a weird way to say it, as if it wasn’t ‘real’ somehow) on Friday. As things change (and I pray it is not as some have suggested, a return to normal … what does that even mean?), I pray I will have done so as well. And there you have it.

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