G2: how to heal

Your body is not small.

The total surface area of the human lung could be spread to the height of a brachiosaurus.

If you want to heal,
you must first
find every bruised place.

Your body is not obvious.
It sheds forty thousand cells
every minute,
and who knows how many of those
were the last to remember
the bruising?

Just in case,
count their ancestors
in your census
of pain.
Even a cell can inherit a wound.

you must tell somebody
where it hurts.

You have to be specific,
and this may take some time.

The human heart beats 100,000 times per day.

If you want to speak to someone about the beat that was broken,

they will want to see it. They will have to search for it.

They will sift through everything you keep in the pockets of those rhythms.

Together, you may find some old cuts.

Add those to your census, too.

Some days it will seem that you are getting more wounded for the searching,

but this is healing.

Step one, the tally.
Step two, the telling.
Step three, the treatment.

All steps happen at the same time, but you have enough elasticity for this.

Your body is not small.
Your body is not slow.
Your body is not helpless.

It will be healing itself
as you search for what needs healing.

A cut will become a scar, a bruise will become a perfectly healthy cell afraid of the dark.

The human body is made of ten trillion DNA cells. You could be stretched to the moon and back again,

1500 times.

In a lifetime, it will feel like this is exactly what has happened to you.

hundred trips to the moon and back,
and boy,
are your cells tired.

Tired, but not small.

You will have to lean into yourself. All of yourself. To the top of the dinosaur and back. To every expanse of you.

Take a close look.

This is a treatment.

You will have to step into a dark room,
give yourself roses and chocolates and promises you can keep.

The cells don’t need to forget the dark.

They just need to forgive it.

This is a treatment.

You will have to apologize for every time you kicked yourself.

A body deserves more than to be afraid of itself, ashamed of itself.

This is a treatment.

In the accounting,
make a note of the muscles
that wish they could cry.

Let them.
Stretch them.
When they sob so hard it feels like aching,
soothe them.

This is a treatment.

Tell someone that you hurt. Where you hurt. How you are healing. Where you beam with delight.

Let them bring more joy to you.
Accept it. There is room.

You have many more trips to the moon to make.

Your body is not small,
but you can only carry so much.

Let the telling empty you of bruises.
Hollow the pockets of your heart of everything except the memory of how you care for you.

Pack your cells with joy until it is what they know best, and what they trust most.

Be abundant.

Joy is light.
You can lift so much more of it than you can imagine.


This is healing.


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469 thoughts on “G2: how to heal

  1. “You will have to step into a dark room,
    give yourself roses and chocolates and promises you can keep.”

    This is such a beautiful thing to be reminded of. It’s hard remembering the importance of self love, and even harder to practice it.

    Thanks for the fantastic read!

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  2. Engaging and empathetic and unique. Your style in this poem reminds me a bit of Mark Haddon’s, “Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night.” But in a poem. I want this to be a major compliment. You grab the nerdy awesome weirdo inside of every reader with a happy perspective of scale, and throughout the poem the reader is shown not only how to heal, but how they have always healed efficiently and courageously; therefore we, me, the reader, discovers how good at healing we are inherently. Also how brave and big and fantastic we always have been. I finished your poem feeling like I was succeeding in my own attempts at recovering. Thank you for this wonderful and memorable poem.
    With Respect,
    -Tyler Wayne Simms ( http://Simms.Art.Blog )

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  3. This is such a great piece! I felt so vulnerable reading it. I never knew I needed to hear it until I did. (well, read, actually, but I can felt like i can hear the words speaking to me) thank you for this.

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  4. Reblogged this on Pyriscent Ponderings and commented:
    all of this is so beautiful. facing ourselves is sometimes one of the most painful things we can do, but it is where we grow the most. i love how the non-linear aspects of healing come through here. when i read the line “the cells don’t needto forget the dark, they just need to forgive it” i gasped out loud. i marvel at this truth. my cells rejoiced at this reminder. thank you to rarasaur for this poem and for sharing your light, your shadows.

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  5. That’s really an amazing way to heal!!
    You really broke down to the core of it. In one way, it seems like “divide and conquer the world”. Treat the minute ones in order to treat the wholesome!! Loved it!!✨✨

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  6. I agree so much, after being wronged you have to learn to forgive even though forgetting is hard. Speak to you. Find out more on mcrf.art.blog


  7. I love these lines

    “and who knows how many of those
    were the last to remember
    the bruising?”

    I love this, it is complex. Cells become damaged over time to repeated injury, but also can heal. It makes me think of the frantic nature of beings when trying to avoid being hurt, and all that is lost in this process.

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