O3: smallberry


Last week, I met a small strawberry at the farmer’s market and took them home with me for a mini photoshoot adventure.

11 thoughts on “O3: smallberry

  1. About four years back, I tried growing strawberries in a small patch in my back yard. The strawberries would start green and small, then turn white, and then finally turn deep red. That’s when they were supposed to be ripe.

    But every time I tried to pick them, a rabbit would have already eaten it. I had to let go of the strawberry patch. A garden exists there now, fenced in, protected from the rabbits and other creatures. I missed my strawberries very much – even though I don’t like strawberries at all.

    A couple years ago, I noticed something small and red peeking out from underneath one of the outside faucets. Then I noticed some more red berries. They were so small, about half the size of the one in your pictures. And they were everywhere. Behind the shed, along the ground in random places.

    Turns out I have an enormous smallberry patch from where the rabbits left the seeds. Thank you for reminding me of them.

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