The Blog Tab

I’ve been using WordPress for a very long time. There’s 52 blogs connected to this account– some that I manage, some that I am just the appointed extra contact for. Many of these are premium accounts.

So, when stuff started falling apart over this last year, I got a little worried. I honestly didn’t know how to migrate so much over to another system. I wrote a whole post about leaving WordPress and finding other platforms that I luckily will not have to post because I have found a fix that works.

After weeks with the customer service team, they figured out that turning off my 3rd party block of cookies helps a bit. It was enough to cut down the panic.

But about a week later, I found something that fixes pretty much all the glitches including:

  1. Permission errors in the Editor
  2. Not being able to like other people’s posts
  3. Not being “logged in” to your own site, even though you are logged in, which is why sometimes you can’t reply to comments on your blog from the front-end of your blog
  4. The thing where it tells you that you’re not following the site that you are quite obviously following

I just use the Incognito Tab on Chrome. I call it “The Porn Tab” because I assumed that’s why it was invented, but I’ll have to phase that out of my language probably.

It’s The Blog Tab now!

I just wanted to share in case anyone else had been having any of these difficulties and wanted to bypass them all.

And I’d figure I’d use this as a reminder that NanoPoblano starts in 10 days! Sign up now to join the team.

7 thoughts on “The Blog Tab

    1. Somedays it truly feels that way. 😂🙈 Not being able to reply to comments on my blog was driving me bonkers. Hopefully there are solutions to the glitches you’ve found too. 🙏🏽

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      1. Doesn’t it just! I can imagine how that felt: one of the main pleasures I get from mine is that interaction, as it’s good to know the words aren’t just floating away on a breeze. I’m working round my glitches, it’s a pain but at least I feel in control!

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  1. So I work in technical support for an online financial software, and the incognito window is actually really cool and has a lot of functions outside of hiding your naughty habits. In addition to not tracking your browsing, it doesn’t store cookies or add to your cache when using it. Both of these are used to store small pieces of data that make the site easier to load the next time, but can also cause problems. Incognito eliminates these problems by not storing the data in the first place, creating a “sterile” online environment.

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