self check in

I know you have been good today, but have you been kind?

Did you smile at strangers even though they couldn’t see your lips tip up at the corners from behind your mask? Did you tell a puppy that they are a very good doggo? Did you walk around a leaf that could have been crunched, just in case it was not yet done with its journey?

I know you have been good today, but have you been curious?

Have you thought about the moose who dunks himself feet into the water only to be attacked by an orca whale? Did you wonder about the bananas you ate this morning, and if they know they are berries, and more than that, if they know that they are clones? Did you look up any interesting words?

I know you have been good today, but have you been loving?

Did you squish your best beloveds close to your heart? Did you do that thing that someone always asks you to do before they even had to ask? Did you keep a promise to yourself, meet a challenge, tell yourself the truth?

I know you have been good today because you have been alive today, and because you are loved every day, and because you love every day– but have you been constructive?

Did you learn about your neighbors– even the ones really far away– so you can love them in a way that is meaningful? Have you thought about what that even means? Can you imagine a world where no one is hurting? Does it feel alive in your imaginings? Can you take one tiny step in that direction today?

I know you have been good today, but have you been playful?

Did you stack things on your head, or on your desk, or throw things in the air, or name a cactus?

Did you bake a cake, stick a candle in it, light it so to be in the presence of a thing that does not have a shadow?

Did you make a wish for us?

Thank you.

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28 thoughts on “self check in

        1. The link will have more information, as will, but it’s basically a month-long writing challenge that happens in November. There are two ways to attack it — a post a day, or something we call 10/10/10, which is 10 posts through the month, plus 10 days of commenting, plus 10 days of sharing/publicizing. 🙂

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  1. I really enjoy your writing. I am very amature when it comes to writing. I promised so many things to myself. The only thing I do is procastinate. Bcz when I start doing something learning something seems impossible. But though I have been soft with myself. And bdw you were the first who liked one of my post. That made me remember why started to write here. Bcz for me when writing perfectly without any mistakes is not possible like… Idk if you gonna read my comment. But still I am typing. Lots of love to you ❤️❤️

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    1. I’m so glad you have been soft with yourself. That’s so important. And I’m honored that I was the first to like one of your posts, and thrilled you’re still writing. I can read around mistakes so no worries there, I make plenty of my own. 🙂 Much love! ❤

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  2. No Rawr. I’m just plumb tuckered out. I have not been unkind. But I have been just so tired.
    Been a tough day. I’ve been accused of harassing a woman. No not guilty. That will tire you out. She was the one who, while I was handholding during her breakup with her wastrel womaniser, said to me, ‘You’re the bloke I needed.’
    ‘No, I’m a million years older than you.’
    ‘But you’re the bloke I needed!’
    Now it’s all been turned on its head. I did nothing wrong, I behaved with correctness. now I’m a pervert?
    All in all a tiring day


  3. Thank you, I needed this reminder. I wasn’t very kind on Wednesday. I almost went full Karen at the grocery store. Customers lined up about 30 deep and cashier is scrolling through his phone while his customer bags her own groceries. I wasn’t very pleasant while I was checking out. Sigh.


  4. I loved this ……’Did you walk around a leaf that could have been crunched, just in case it was not yet done with its journey?’ I’m loving the colours at the moment.


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