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A billion years ago, I used to do polls quite often here at Rarasaur blog. It helped shape a direction when I was feeling multi-directional. I’m hoping more than five people will participate in this one, so I can get a micro-idea in the here and now, too. I’ve been very sleep-deprived lately, and sometimes-sad lately (likely because of the lack of sleep combined with the aching heart of the world), and we’re headed into NanoPoblano2020, so when I say this is a tangible thing you can do to actually help me, I mean it. And I appreciate you for it, endlessly.


P.S. I’ve noticed a not-insignificant influx of readers from Google Classrooms, too– so hello, student friends and teacher friends. I have a form at the bottom just for you, and other learners who visit here.

For those who have come to this space from a classroom environment, or teachers that use my work to help (explain prisons? I would think), or those who have taken my stories as an opportunity to learn about things. How can I help with that? Consider this a suggestion box. Drop anything in.

22 thoughts on “a bit of help

  1. Thank you for the poll, Ra … made me reflect on your words over time. It’s been a while that we’ve been connected. Feels like a long while, yet not long enough, all wrapped up. Confession: I said no to the reading question, but that’s because I don’t do well with audio presentations. I prefer to read the words. It’s tangible to me. However, I do enjoy hearing you, but need to do that over tea ❤

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    1. I’m the same with audio, 🙂 So I get that.

      And yes, time is bizarre. Even more bizarre this year than most, but perhaps that’s my StrokeBrain. Thank you for participating in the poll. I appreciate it. ❤️

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    1. Aw *hugs* thank you for helping. I’d be the same. Heck, I +am+ the same, which is why this poll will help so much. I was taxing my brain trying to think of what to write in November and gave myself an actual migraine.🤦🏽‍♀️😂

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  2. So, I tend to be an over-quantifier and answering some of these was difficult because I was like, “yes” and that wasn’t one of the options. So, since I couldn’t decide on a distinct, discrete selection, I’ll just put things here and if you read them, cool, and if not, that’s cool too.
    What topic would I like to see more of? I like when you muse about things. I don’t think it’s an, “it’s because it’s about…” sort of thing, I just think you have a way of expressing your thoughts that is enjoyable to read – even when it’s about little things like hinges.
    As far as what style – I just like when you write about whatever you write about, so…yeah…just…whatever you write.
    Frightfully wondrous? My brain doesn’t know how to quantify this phrase. I don’t understand and so I cannot logically reply.
    Social media – I actually didn’t know that you were on other platforms, but I will probably follow you on IG now that I know you’re there.
    Audio recitations? I think a lot of people like them, so I would say that it’s worth doing them because sometimes I think that this can imbue the words with something that the reader might not normally get by reading it in their head – that being said, I am not a fan of spoken word poetry (even though, ironically, I do it myself). That being said, I think that others would probably enjoy it, so I would say go for it.
    Apologies for the overly-verbose reply.

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    1. All good! If I thought people would be likely to write comments I probably would have skipped the poll, so this is good!

      I read poetry at events but strangely enough I’m not a big fan of in taking words that way. Written is easier for me, though since the mini strokes I had last year, it’s not as obviously easier as it used to be. 🌸 but to help with one answer, yes, you are frightfully wondrous! 🙂 it’s a good thing.

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  3. Sleepless and sad, yes, that’s my year, too, so “megahugs” and I’m so sorry you’re struggling with that, too.

    I had to stop and think, how did I first learn about Rara? It was years ago, I was still on my old blog, I think, and I just lurked for a long, long time. I’m pretty much a wallflower. 2012? 2011?

    I love what you write. I have saved so many of your posts. Write your heart, wherever it leads, and I will love it. I know that’s not specific, but, it’s true.

    I cannot, in good conscious, ask you to write about grief. It’s one thing when you need to express your beautiful heart when it’s hurting, it’s something else when someone asks you to pick that wound, so I won’t. I can’t.

    I most often read either through InoReader, or email. I do follow you on other social media, but I don’t get there myself very often, so things you might bring here from there would be cool I think.

    You have a beautiful voice and I love it, but I think I read faster than I can listen, lol. But if speaking helps you more, like with your hands hurting or something, then of course, do that!

    I wanted to do Nano, but with this year, and everything is so chaotic right now, I don’t think I’ll be able to. I can read posts, but I can barely string two coherent thoughts together right now. I feel the burning need to pour it all out on the page, but when I pick up a pen, my mind goes blank.

    All that to say, you do your frightfully wondrous self and I will be here! Probably late, but I’ll be here. 😀

    Love you! xoxox ❤

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    1. Mega hugs right back. I’m sorry this year’s been so rough on you. I wish I could lift some of that. ❤️. Don’t worry about Nano, we all miss some years. Please let me know if you’re ever inspired to save a post, I can use that as a benchmark to determine which should be pinned to the top. 🙂❤️ Sending love and thoughts of sleep your way.

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