podcast: prisons and bigger things

Picture collage-- featuring Ra Avis' face, the cover of the book Sack Nasty, and The Nasiona podcast title information "Ep 34 - Incarceration and Prison Abolition, Part 1"

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This is just a quick note to let you know you can listen to me chat with The Nasiona’s Julián Esteban Torres López about prison, and how social problems spiral into the system where they multiply and spiral out.  There’s a few rambles about Big Data, abolition, and the legal slavery of prison labor. (Search for “The Nasiona” on Google, Apple, or Spotify. Or click the image above to be taken to the site.) If you have time to listen, I’d love to know what you think. 

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10 thoughts on “podcast: prisons and bigger things

  1. I knew much of this, but there were still things that learned that I had never really thought about before. Like the amount of people in prison that are there on a plea deal and therefore have not actually been deemed guilty or not guilty by “jury of their peers”. (Which in itself is a myth)
    The part where you talked about the obscure photo that they used of you on the news as they were ramping things up in case there was a trial had me wondering what photo they used for me when my face was plastered all over the news when I was still technically a minor. (and therefore should not have been named let alone pictured.) I never got to see any of that news coverage though because they immediately threw me into a mental health facility following my arrest, which makes me lucky in some ways I guess. I am also lucky that community service and having to have scheduled visits with a parole officer were the extent of my state sanctioned punishment for a non-existent crime… And that my record was expunged after I became an adult. (Even though, as previously stated, there never was a crime…) The punishment I endured by my “peers” in highschool once I returned was something else entirely though…
    I look forward to the next part of your interview!

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    1. Thank you for listening! I wouldn’t say your story turned out “luckily” since I know mental health institutions can be as terrorizing as prisons. I’m sorry you had that experience altogether but I’m glad you made it through. *hugs* And yes, the idea of ‘peers’ in the sense that our laws mean it is a handful of silliness. The world is much bigger now than anyone imagined. ❤

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