I don’t know where to begin, or what to say. I feel very much like a glass with a single drop of water in it. A stem with no leaves. Not dead, and not empty– but certainly not alive and full. I gathered these photos in the middle of last night, to remind me how I see the world. To remind me why I fight for it.

Even when, well– even when.

I gathered the wins from the election. There was a bouquet of local achievements. I worked for those, and I’m proud of them. The right to vote was granted to those still on parole. We got rid of a District Attorney who has let us down too many times. We allocated real funds to work on alternatives to incarceration. We stopped an attempt to lock more people up for longer.

I am holding onto my sight, my work, and my gratitudes.

I am doubling down on my love of those who make space for those things.

I am gathering it close, and reminding myself that I belong here– despite — well. Despite.

Even though— I — even when

I mean– the thing is— no, that doesn’t matter.

It can’t.

The road to justice is long and there are miles to go before we sleep. The work continues, but…


Maybe tomorrow.

Comments closed. I am not okay today. Take care of yourself. Stay away from the comments section of most of the internet.

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