poet jacket

Denim material with velro letters. Reads: My definition of the holy changes with each loss. – K. Opoku-Duku

This is my homemade poetry jacket, and the first quote I ever put on it, pulled from i: ghosts, The Unbnd Verses by Kwame Opoku-Duku.

Here’s some pictures of it in the making:

And a picture of me wearing it:

I love the jacket and I love that it’s finally blustery enough outside to wear it again. It doesn’t fit many characters, and I try to only feature living writers, so finding a perfect snippet isn’t always the easiest thing. Do you have any tiny quotes that you love enough to wear?

Day 9 of 30.

Upside-down Pepper over the words "NanoPoblano2020 - CheerPeppers.com"

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