ama / i’m bored let’s invent something

I received a handful of questions so I thought I’d answer one of those today. I have temporarily titled this series AMA (Ask me anything) but that’ll switch super fast if I come up with anything adorable. Ideas welcome. More questions welcome. I’ll include a form for questions in case you don’t want to drop them in the comments.


P.S. Disclaimer about this one in particular: I am not a professional inventor. If you can do something with these, do something. If it already exists, extra awesome.

Tell us about more of your inventions, pretty please.

– Colleen

This question is referring to a couple weeks ago when I talked about my ridiculous habit of inventing things, and gave an example of a portable table station. Thank you for reading that one.

Blogging is so funny because you never really know what posts will inspire more questions, or long comments, or the most comments, or the most resonance. Well, maybe someone knows, but I surely don’t, so I think it’s awesome that you’d focus on the inventing. 🙂

As far as other inventions–

Chef’s Kiss : A dating & friend-finder app designed around a love of food. I think it would start with a dial where you rank yourself closer to a chef or closer to an eater. We’d ask about your comfort food, your pantry staples, the best meal you’ve ever had– and where you’d like to meet people. The app could be for everyone from active foodies to people who just enjoy food with their company. Like me, who never ever wants to go hiking and always wants a grilled cheese.

Taco mAPP: A nation-wide taco finder app that gives you points like FourSquare. Eat at enough taco shops, become the Mayor of Tacos in your hometown! Get an alert every time you’re near a taco.


I didn’t say these were good ideas.

What about the StripAway cleaning bandages? They come in a roll and are essentially bandage tape that has been pre-soaked with cleaning materials most effective on metals. Wrap up your faucets and walk away. Later, unwrap and rinse. (I do this with papertowels soaked in vinegar — and sometimes salt– but I think the bandages would be more elegant.)

Oh and the Food Happy! It’s basically your normal food cover, but the inside has compartments to hold icepacks or heated packs. It’s not going to cool or re-heat your food, but it’ll keep it at a temperature where it’s happy. Alternatively, this could be more like a flask shaped like a food cover, that you can fill with cold or hot liquid.

And a digital card! Basically an inexpensive tablet device that is given a unique email address. When you text your message to that email address, it shows up on the card. You can set a timer on the device or manually lock it when you want, or leave it running. It would come either framed or in a leather-coffee table binding, and you could scroll through. There would be minimal editing available through an app. This would be a great way to commemorate important events in this global world.

Haha, well, that’s enough of all that, I think. Thank you for participating in the questions and I hope you enjoyed my inventions!


15 thoughts on “ama / i’m bored let’s invent something

    1. I didn’t even notice the curtsey until you commented on it. I use that often at work- when people say thank you in our work slack, I often respond with “/giphy curtsey” and just use the first one that comes up. I never really gave it much thought.

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  1. I have invented a miraclulous and fool-proof method for clinging on to my life whilst the entire world is staring at me and ripping the piss out of me. For more information contact Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

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