100 / watching

When I was little, Mamasaur would cry at commercials. Though it didn’t make a lick of sense to me then, now I flood with tears even during the finale of the Great British Bake Off.

I wonder who was the original template for this inheritance. My mother or hers? Or a mother before? Did she live before television, before radio, before books?

Did she tear-drip at stars? Did her daughter watch and sigh?

Was it the sigh that sealed this to our bloodstream? Or, maybe it was that careful watching?

Aren’t we always magicked when we actually see each other?

Every NanoPoblano, I make at least one attempt at my exactly-100-word posts, and with just a week of November left, I decided today was the day. These take me ages longer than my normal posts. Wordiness comes easier to me. 🙂


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4 thoughts on “100 / watching

  1. Hi Rawr,
    I was trying to think what kind of comment I could write for heal. It’s a very good post. Right now I’m trying to heal one of my ribs that accidentally hit the stairs due to my negligence. It’s been more than a year since it happened. From exercise to lying in bed are some of the things I’m doing.

    Perhaps it’ll linger for a while, who knows.
    Your post really makes me think how to write a reply. Thank you for your words, they are encouraging. 🙂



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