hush lil freeway

Your eyes are weary, little city, hospital beds so heavy. Shutter. Shutter brief. There is no need for a long sleep. Your smooth freeways will not wrinkle before you awaken. Your tallest palms will not bald before you open again. It will be soon, so soon. Shutter, shutter. Let the ocean fog tap on the windows of homes full of people and dreams. Let it whisper those dreams into empty restaurants and stores. The water has always led us. Shutter, shutter, so it may hold us all like fishes beloved, so it may wash through streets and count us twice, and cleanse the air of everything that is not the blue-sky dream. You are weary, little city. Shutter. Shutter brief.

When you wake up, I promise, the clouds will have not aged at all.

Day 29 of 30.

14 thoughts on “hush lil freeway

  1. That is absolutely beautiful.

    This piece popped up last night after I’d just finished recommending you to my niece. I’m helping her and my sis get an online shop of some sort started. She’s being selling her stuff in a local shop in the village. She’s this beautiful creative soul, makes macramΓ© plant hangers, little canvas’ of hand-painted leaves & flowers. Simple and stunning. She just turned 19, and you were one of the first I thought of for her to check out, be inspired by.

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