2020 was the year I let go of my fear of anthologies. I don’t know what shifted it exactly. I used to a feel a panic at the idea of submitting my work to sit page-by-page next to something I hadn’t vetted. Not because of quality of work, but because of values.

This year, I let that need for control go. I think it’s a little something I learned by having my brain beaten up by a few clots. A silver lining to a #StrokeBrain cloud.

This silver lining is more than just theoretical because, this year, I was able to be a part of three collections. One with fellow formerly incarcerated folk, one with my Miracle Niece (in her first publication), and one with Donny. I’m honored three times over.

I’m going to include the books here in case you’re looking for some more reading material, or just looking to support indie presses and authors. If you purchase any of these, I’m happy to mail you a signed nameplate label so you can stick it to the inside. Just send me an email at with your address, the book you bought, and to whom I should make the note.



Redshift 5

Published by Arroyo Seco Press. The theme of this anthology is 2020. My included work is something I’d call a blog post, but perhaps is actually a lyric essay?

If you’d like your own copy, you can order from the publisher directly at

A Teenager’s Guide to Feminism

Published by Pear Shaped Press. My work in here is a poem about my girlfriends, and how much I am shaped by them. More importantly, my oldest niece has work in here, too!

If you’d like your own copy, you can order from Amazon at:

50% of sales from the Kindle version go to a great non-profit out in my area:

How to Survive Quarantine: Getting Unstuck when You’re Stuck Inside

Published by Liberated Arts Collective. From me, this softcover book features the fill-in-the-blank poem I shared earlier this year on the blog, as well as some ideas for how to complete it. From incarcerated friends and system-impacted friends, it features so much more.

If you’d like your own copy, you can order it here:

All profit from the sale of this book are split between the incarcerated artists who have work included, and the organization or project of their choice

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