lose & Find

I’ll leave all the hip crunching,
and the drums in my head,
and the days that I couldn’t–
or wouldn’t– leave bed.
I’ll leave worry that loved ones,
when out of sight, die,
and half the self-doubting
that snuck in on the sly.

I’ll find jumping, and dumplings,
more rhymes and more excess,
and cute braids in my hair,
and more days in my dresses.
I’ll find steering for small steps,
and grace for big leaps.
And love, and more love,
and many good sleeps.

The January Challenge is hosted by 64MillionArtists. I’ll be participating. You can sign up, too! Most of my responses will be posted to the @rarasaur Instagram account, but I might update here, too, on occasion. Like today! The prompt here was “What will you leave behind in 2020, and what will you find in 2021?”

Happy New Year!

15 thoughts on “lose & Find

  1. I will forget the lies I heard, the fear I felt, I will leave all these behind which happened in 2020.
    I will see 2021 with a different lens, where fear is replaced with hope, truth kicks lies, depression is out the door and a world where tranquility prevails.
    I’m certain it will happen. Mankind has suffered a lot it’s time we are forgiven. 🙂

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