roses are red

Abstract still life featuring two clear vases, a white pillar, purple fruit, abstract grapes, two abstract pears, and abstract dragon fruit. It's all very approximate. :)
There is a weekly prompt offered by the Instagram account @stillherestilllife. You just draw the prompt in any form or medium you’d like. My interpretation above is made in a digital collage style. I found photographs, cut out the right shapes, and compiled it as best I could. Original photo and some gorgeous randomly-selected interpretations are also showcased on their page.

Well, it’s that time of year again. Instead of Valentine’s Day cards this year, I’m going to mail out postcards with silly micro poems in the roses are red style. If you’d like one, here’s a form to fill out.

In honor of the very digital world we’re in currently, I thought it’d be interesting to a do a digital card, too. If you’d like an emailed version of the tiny poem, fill out the same form but leave everything blank but the email address.

(Gentle reminder that I delete form collections after each event, so unfortunately I don’t have your email or address saved from the years or projects before.)

Wishing you all a life of love and celebration!

9 thoughts on “roses are red

  1. I’m attempting to fill out the form above (even though you probably already have my information saved) but the spot where it asks if you should save my information is telling me that I need to “check the email address”. Just thought you should know that the form seems to have a tiny issue.

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  2. You reminded me of something. My little T and I have a game that can go on for a long time. We make up our own words to the “roses are red, violets are blue, Grandma loves kale, I don’t, but I love you!” is an example. He always ends it with the “I love you” part. We try to be really funny/witty and get mom and dad involved to have turns too. #goodtimes Happy almost Valentine’s Day!

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