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The Oddcast is back (in some sort)

Ages ago, Bradley helped me put together a podcast, that I called an audio cast, that I shortened to Oddcast. Because of living situations and limited tools, it didn’t go on very long. WordPress’ recent collaboration with Anchor.fm made me decide to restart in. Instead of new content, though, it’ll be random selections previously posted to Rarasaur blog. Short: the first one is under 4 minutes, including the jingle. Sweet: sometimes. Available: Spotify for now, eventually everywhere, https://anchor.fm/rarasaur and the Audiocast link on the top of the blog is the best way to keep track of where.

Late husband’s art goes up for the first time since, well, since

Recently I helped curate art for a group I work with– Liberated Arts Collective. We were included in The Other Art Fair, a big virtual event, and our booth is dedicated to the work of system-impacted artists. Registration is free. https://www.theotherartfair.com/la/virtual-editions/ The fair goes for a few more days.

Dave’s painting, under his artist name Grayson Queen, is included. Once you log in, the easiest way to find the booth is to go to Room 2. In the top corner, it says “Artists” — look for “Liberated Arts Collective” on the list.

It’s really cool to browse it through the virtual experience, but for those who can’t, here’s a screen shot.

Ari, picture shows Dave’s art– a black base with a red burst in the center. In the burst is a blue man without a shirt, handcuffed to the ceiling in front of a small TV. Beside the artwork, it says artist name and title – “Grayson Queen, The Invisible Man Believes The News”, and under the painting is the price of $445.


As part of the art show, I read two poems. It’ll be featured tomorrow the 31st, but you can also access them from the Liberated Arts Collective section in the art fair. They’re also on the fair’s YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mgChGKt7_LU&t=70s

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