to steph with love

Hi friends,

My vibrant friend and fellow firefighter, Steph, is back inside. I know some of you like to send letters so I’ve asked her if I could provide details and she was happy to agree.

Stephanie Applin #21-03035
999 West Matthews Rd
French Camp, CA 95231

French Camp has feisty rules. No extra stamps or blank envelopes are allowed. A return address must be included on the envelope or postcard. She’ll be in for a year, unless she gets transferred to a prison, which– with Covid regulations– looks unlikely.

Doing long time in a county jail is a particularly brutal fate. Even if all you include is a message of support, a fun quote, a photo of where you live, or an internet meme– I promise, it will help.

You probably remember Steph from the “They cradle the cooter!” comment in I Get It, or “We’ll use our inside voices” idea in Dear Gillian, or as the first real hug I got after Dave died in The Funeral. You might remember her from our run towards a fire together in This is Fine, or from our maniacal laugh in a fire situation in 2015, real talk, or as the person I left everything to when I left prison in Roots and Wings.

In any case, she’s someone I love very much. Thanks for whatever support you’re able to give, even if it’s just good strong thoughts that she’ll make it home safely.


P.S. Include the date in your mail. It helps everyone inside know how far behind the mail is.

5 thoughts on “to steph with love

  1. Ra.. if you’re comfortable will you send me your new address? The one I have is in Long Beach ( Lakewood Blvd

    Hope you and yours are well! Happy Spring!


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