Today I was happy, so I made this post.

(Title after a poem by James Wright, “Today I Was Happy So I Made This Poem”)

Today I was happy so I ran a brush through my hair one hundred times. The grip of the comb a gratitude itself, look how I clutch, look how I hold, look how I care for myself.

Today I was happy so I gathered one hundred children and told them tales. I said I was magic, that I had a gift, that I could turn them into something bigger.

Grown-ups?, one asked.


Something big and singular and multi-named like the wind.

They were not actually children, they were words, but all of them are new again to me, young again to me. I lost all my words after my brain squeezed them silent, but I got them back, and I grip them like a comb, and I brush and I brush and I brush.

Look how I care for myself.

This post, like my hair, is a study of frizz and frazzle. This post, like my hair, was brushed too many times. It is aerated, reaching toward the ceiling, falling to the clouds. It is, as promised: wind.

Today I was happy. I said I was magic.

I meant it.

Day One of NanoPoblano! What are you committing to this November? A commitment to cleaning up your blog? Writing things you don’t share? Spending some time away from screens? Cheering on other writers and bloggers? 30 days of writing? Some combination?

Let us know what you’re doing and how we can support!

(As always, feel free to use this prompt format.)

28 thoughts on “Today I was happy, so I made this post.

  1. You are magic! You are one of the most magical people I know. You take words and make beautiful, pull at the heart strings magic.Even you are tired or sad, the sparkle is there. You are the most wonderful, magical dinosaur that I feel lucky to know. ❤

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