Close the door gently when you do,
It is, after all, how you made it through.

Be soft with whatever happened to you,
Close the door gently, when you do.

Keep your heart wide open– bold and true.
It is, after all, how you made it through.

This post has 15 doors in it, plus the one you entered through, plus the one I entered through, plus the one we’ll both leave from.

I am hoping we will find it in us to leave through the same door.

This one 🚪 goes to the center of the Earth with everything else that slipped away, locked behind a thud, a four-letter word and a prayer. This one 🚪 slips past time, straight to the moon’s favorite asteroid where the rock and the crater of it dreams of the futures that should be now.

Not all doors should be opened. Sometimes, things need space. Sometimes, you open the oven door 🚪 and the bread deflates, and even though it will still feed us substance, we all need our daily dose of magic or we will go to bed hungry. If you open the door and it is not a breaded thing, then no harm has been done.

I think sometimes it is easier to rise behind a door than out in the open, all eyes on you.

Sometimes when I am baking bread, I turn the oven lights off so it can have some privacy. But then, sometimes, so my basil plant can truly thrive, I move her farther and farther into the light.

I suppose what you need really depends on how you grow. 🚪 What you open really depends on that, too. Everything comes down to the yeast, and tangled roots, and the experiences we’ve locked away.

Everything comes down to what happens when we see a door. If we enter it gently. If we bless it behind us. If we open it when it matters.

If we show up.

If we show up hungry, if we show up full.

If we show up ready to bake magic.

Knock knock.

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        1. No problem I appreciate your posts I will remember you when like prayers okay keep head up and seems you have enough support but as am saying that it’s hard still don’t think you thanks to me thank your self for feeling thankful

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