I like big-headed people,
those whose heads
don’t fit in default hats.
I like a face
that could be turned
into a statue
by Medusa herself
and still be easily
I like a person who can
stop what they’re doing
and take a two and a half second
time out.

And I like the folks
who notice the dandelions
that sprout under the roses,
the folks who lean in
real close
when I say I have something
in my hand.

I like people who can
taste a word,
and I like-like people
who can slice one up
and put another inside,
or turn it inside out
and fling it at the stars.
I like a face
that floods
with joy,

a body that carries
new knowledge
with a birdlike skip.

I like a person
who preens.
Who smiles with pride
when they do good
or speak shiny.
A person who
every so often
spins in a circle
like a little top
designed to

When they see
that it worked,
when they see
that they’ve captured me,
I like when they
hold on.

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