how to have my day

Pull a shoulder
through your phone
for your tears
to borrow.
Be embarrassed,
but feel better.

Feel better.

Steal gasps of air
and replace them
with even bigger gasps
of used air.
The key is you must give
more than you’ve taken.
Quiet the panic.
Feel better.

Ruin your make up.

Forget your name.
Forget to eat.

Eat a scoop of peanut butter
and feel better.

Retweet a stranger
and borrow more problems.

Reply to a DM
and borrow more problems.

Go to a meeting
and borrow more problems.

Take a bad nap.
Take some pain pills.

Write a poem
to keep a promise to yourself
and call it just a list
before it even has a chance
to make anyone feel.

It doesn’t need to make you feel better.
There’s been enough of that today
and it hasn’t gotten us

* I realize this sounds uncharacteristically ungrateful. I’m okay though. 🌸

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