fill me with confetti at least

Everyone sees the egg of me.

Thinks it fragile, thinks it potential.

Ignores the cracks.

What if this is it?

Shell broken, dinosaur unborn.

A fading yolk.

I think if we’re honest

we could make something beautiful

of even this mess.

13 thoughts on “fill me with confetti at least

  1. This really resonated with me. Truly beautifully expressed words. Captured my attention.
    Made me think about things happening in my own life from a slightly different perspective. Thank you. I guess you’d be OK if I included it in a poetry reading I’ve got in May?


    1. 😢i am so sorryto interupt you but your words have reminded me about the balloons thank you god bless you will set off a balloon in honour of a loved one little specialdog who gave so many happy years to all of my family .
      May god bless you ma cara .. Cara … mans best friend my littlegirly may you run till you are all puffed out and see all you couldn’t before May you hear again and you’re family call you home May god bless your beautiful soul ..😢 we love you and miss you Cara
      Thanksfor these words you wrote reminded me you always make a difference



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