some people just don’t rhyme right

The reality is I’d look like browned lettuce,
wilted and inexplicably sweaty.
My jaw would be locked from the exertion
of fighting off everything I could not say
through a day too close to strangers,
under a sun that was not my own.
I bloat when I’m away from home,
and nothing fits, and I’ve never gone on a trip
without having to shop for a new outfit.
The reality is, I’d have nothing to offer
but presence, strained and pressed,
not even company, sweetly dressed.

But I still want to be there:

shifting food I’d be unable to eat,
shivering at the strangeness of
constellations that can’t name me,
my spine tight with boulders:

celebrating you in a place
that lets you set down everything
resting on those shoulders.

2 thoughts on “some people just don’t rhyme right

  1. I’m so happy I found you, in whatever way I did. Your poetry moves me and takes me deep. Through you, I also found Two Writing Teachers, and I’ve been inspired to write for the past 5 March challenges. Thank you. I’m glad you’re here.

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