but soft

Nothing should autocorrect to suicide,
and the soft tissues of my body
could stand to be harder,
and the rules of physics should apply
to even the hard things of life
that stack beyond the math of it.
I like to ask everyone who lives
in the future to tell me the truth.
Does the soft of this body make it there?
Does love?

Yes, yes, yes, they say.

Love is waiting.
The soft survives.

2 thoughts on “but soft

  1. I have loved this month of your poems. I don’t always respond to what you post, at any particular time. But I want to say it now, that I “see” everything that you speak of when you write. I can see it in my mind, I can see it in my heart. You have the most unique and truly wonderful way of speaking yourself out into the world.
    You are gifted. And you are loved, in ways that you don’t see, by humans that you don’t know.
    Never give up. You speak the real things we all feel ourselves, depending on how they match the circumstances of our own lives. I could never say what you say, but I have felt them! I have thought them.
    And I what I haven’t experienced myself….you give such a clear understanding of what those things must feel like for you, in your body, in your mind, in your heart, in your soul.
    Thank you for being the way that some things are given to me to be known, for my life. And for bravely and humbly sharing with us all your life.

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