i will need you soon

On the ledge of my kitchen, my marigolds die from the heat. (Crumpled bouquets of papered-orange splintering from the weight of too-long days.)

This will likely shatter my bones, too.

(Please save all the pieces. Give them away. May the sharp of me be used to pick the locks, and free the people.)

I am tired when I wash the outcry of marigolds down the sink. I am tired when I press my finger against the flow. I am tired when I drown their kin in my best imitation of a sink-water summer storm.

I need a drenching, too. I need a shower. I need a minute. I need a friend to call. I will need a friend to call.

I will need someone to hear me when I am burned by what I thought would nourish me. I will need someone to feed me when I reach for light.

I will need someone to see me when I lose.

There is a poem inside this life. (May you will find it when I leave, and wash it lovingly away.)

44 thoughts on “i will need you soon

  1. Hey Ra!
    Loads of love from the outer reaches of Norway.. you’re welcome to send some excess heat this way too 🙂 (maybe the planet would disagree..but for the length of my camping trip, staying over 10°C at night would be awesome…

    Whatever. I hope you’re doing better than it sounds, and that things improve for you, in whichever way you need them to improve, and that you get all the good nutrition from something that won’t kill you, and soon 🙂

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  2. I don’t know how to make a heart on the keyboard. LOL Hang in there sweet Ra. I’m still here. I’ve been struggling myself lately and not really engaging. xo

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    1. Ha! It’s just like this: < 3 without a space ❤ I'm sorry for the struggling. I know it has been a rough time for everyone on this planet lately. I hope you are taking care of you.

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      1. Think good percentage of this world is struggling. Everyone it seems and i know the feeling its not easy to get out slump . Hopefully youl see the light at tunnel soon .

        Kindest regards


  3. I wish I was down there right now to take you to Rosie’s Dog Beach and put our feet in the water and sand as we watch the dogs play, then go out and get more marigolds, and maybe breakfast and talk about poetry. One day. You are loved .

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  4. I’m here and listening ❤️ Love you, friend. And thank you, always, for being you. I’m all sorts of messy at the moment. But I believe there is still a lot of hope🌻 I also *still* need to send you that book! It will happen next month 📚

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  5. A long time ago
    I was told by someone well basically an online helo now and then but he said ONE DAY I WILL NEED YOU so youve captivated me with you’re headline. I feel you’re pain aswell but seems like you taking a true deep gulp and saying what you need to byvdescribing in details the little things around the issue… fair enough but i hope you don’t mind me saying what you need to hold back is you’re business but you have so much love support even on this #



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