thunder & nano

Tonight the sky is costumed as the ocean, dripping wet and thundering. The ocean is a louder place than we tend to remember, but the sky does not forget.

It’s the details that make the costume.

I used to live a thimble’s distance from the ocean, and now I live a shotglass away. It is far enough to lose sight of the border, until nights like this, when the sky tricks and treats, and I recognize it on sight.

I’ve always been more of a sky child than an ocean child, but I love this love. It reminds me of being small, slipping on high heels, several sizes too big, and making my way to my mama.

A poor imitation done in pure love is a good imitation.

The rain falls fat in my alley at my window, and there is a drumming from the streets as it kisses dumpsters and gutters alike. From my balcony, it is all a dull roar, and I look to the sky for ships or sail. It feels like a vibration meant to float in, a fog meant to adventure.

It feels like I could throw a penny upwards into the clouds, and catch a wish in the downpour.

October 12th. Y’all already know what I’m going to say. Who is Nano’ing with me this year?

23 thoughts on “thunder & nano

        1. I would like to know what being a Cheer Pepper entails before asking to join.
          1. How many hours are Cheer Peppers expected to spend checking out participants’ blogs?
          2. Does a team of Cheer Peppers split the list of participants?
          3. Do you have anything to add?

          Liked by 1 person

          1. It’s nothing so formal. We try to write a post every day for 30 days, and we’re generous in what counts. No consequences if you can’t, though at some point we pull you off the list just to make it easier. We have some folk who help us out by running around and resting. I call them Cheer Peppers and they really help with morale. 🙂


            1. I think there’s a miscommunication with my previous reply. I was asking about the responsibilities of a Cheer Pepper, because I am considering asking to be Cheer Pepper, but only if I know I can handle the work load.

              1. How many hours are Cheer Peppers expected to spend motivating participants?
              2. Do Cheer Peppers divide the list of participants to make visiting bloggers more manageable? Thanks.



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