7. sick day

A longjohn day.
A long yawn day.
A jaw-pop, face-crunch
yawn day.

A long day.

A full-body-ice-pack
sore bone day.

A sorbet day.
A stay-in-bed
and lean-off-the-edge-

A cold-turkey

A back-against-the-wall day,
a hide-from-the-grind day,

a body and mind day.

Your throat is a little
Your awake,
a little tired.
You don’t have a fever
but your body holds
the heat over you like the
Sword of Damocles.

You wait for the fall.
This happens in the autumn.

It’s a sick day.
Take a sick day.

Your sleep is interrupted.
Your throat is a little hoarse.

Take a get-better day.
Make it get better.

It does get better.

Sleep uninterrupted.
Take the hoarse out of your throat.
Turn it into the pony of your dreams.

Ride to the edge of the planet,
and wake up

6 thoughts on “7. sick day

    1. You said exactly what I couldn’t put into good words.
      It’s the images of utmost clarity…..perfect words for what I see when I read her posts.
      This post today made me cry. It struck something inside that I didn’t know needed to be cried for.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Oh yes we are all releasing and detoxing… make the most of this rest day! Did you see my comment on your day 2? I mentioned that I’ve joined your pepper brigade and if you were going to add myself and my friend Jan who’s also joined onto the 2022 teal❤️ thsnks a lot, this is great meeting new friends here🎶 cheering each other along. Much love x



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