14. 100 / rock paper cat

Midnight is sneaking up on me, crouching in the day’s edges, waiting to pounce.

I should be writing but instead I turn to rock, sinking my story-spin into frozen-earth. Stillness comes naturally to the hunted– maybe even more naturally than run. Wait feels safer than chase.

The gravel of me wears a wedding dress of blank page. The vow to write today, and every day, is muffled between the slabs.

The hunter hears it anyway.

The rules are this:
Paper wins when it is ghosted, unfulfilled.
Rock wins only if it learns to run.

And midnight catches up either way.

Today, tomorrow, and the next, are long-long-long days at work. I might have to get creative on what to write since this one almost didn’t happen. 🙂

12 thoughts on “14. 100 / rock paper cat

  1. Midnight frequently catches up to me…but since time is a made up thing, we can make our own rules? Especially during Nano Poblano! 🙂

    I love how you’ve described that feeling of freezing up before posting though. The blank page is scary sometimes! ❤

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