We only think frogs say ribbit because it is the dialect of a Hollywood frog. They made it to the movies, to the big screen, to the big time, and now their croak is immortalized.

I don’t know why I’m thinking about frogs. It’s something about how my face feels right now. Clenched, wrinkled, and toady.


I’m thinking about toads.

It’s been long and productive. I feel like I ran 5 miles and reached my goal, and now I’m on the slow sweaty hop home.

I think I would make a lovely toad or frog. I’m uncertain which get lily pads or lotuses, and I’m unfamiliar with the state of their housing market currently.

I think I would like to live near lotuses.

I’ve been thinking of this video I saw, of a man opening up lotus flowers on a street. He dips them in water, and gently, gently palms them. It looks like a soft caress against a cheek, and they respond. They open up. They good morning the air.

I like the way they pour pink into the world. It looks like such a sweet awakening.


Subtitle of this post: I am out of emergency posts, but I am still tired. Tomorrow we start strong!

17 thoughts on “frog

  1. I think this post is fantastic. It reads ‘strong’! I love how you ended this. They ‘good morning’ the air, they breathe pink into the world. There is a reason they call it ‘rose tinted glasses’. ❤

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  2. I’ve been waiting for a frog post from you. If not an emergency post, let’s just call it a greatest hits, oldie but a goodie, Rarasaur classic post. And don’t think I’m not looking forward to your upcoming post about palm trees in Southern California. I live for these, you know.

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  3. I too am unfamiliar with the housing market of frogs and toads. But I do know I’ve seen them in the high Sierra lakes and we had them where I lived in the desert and no lily pads or lotuses were around either place. I do like the way they sing though. And I’m amused by how readily we accept the sounds of things that Hollywood throws at us.

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        1. Awww. Little burrow frogs. The cutest. Do you want to write a guest blog sometime before the end of the year btw? Normal Rarasaur rules, meaning no rules. I miss having my friends’ words here. It’s been awhile. ❤

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  4. I love this post! Frogs and toads are adorable in their own different ways. We used to have a pond and there were always frogs every spring without fail. It was always so miraculous to see their life cycle. You’ve done incredibly well to get through these difficult fee days, you deserve to curl up to rest in a soft lotus flower 🪷



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