guested: A letter from Matticus

The first Rarasaur guest post in a million years! Please welcome Matticus, who chose to write his post in letter format, which I love extra-much because letters play such a large part in our friendship. (He wrote over 30,000 words to me while I was incarcerated!)

Love and thuds,


Dear Blogosphere,

My apologies for using this letter format.  It’s been so long since I’ve written a personal post that wasn’t an open letter (to you or to one of my kiddos) that I wasn’t sure how else to get things going here.


How are you?  Are you well?  I hope so.

In the Kingdom we call this time of year the silly season.  And the silly season comes with extra fancy stress.  And this year it seems worse…

Do you remember the toddlerocracy?  When the Little Prince came along and ruled the kingdom for a bit in his tiny iron fist…  Then the Littler Prince came long and he never quite took control in the same way.  Well, now the Littlest Prince is running things.  It’s no longer a toddlerocracy.  He’s a tornado.  So, what would that make it?  A tornadocracy?  A tornatorship?   Whatever the word, every day he swirls through our little kingdom and keeps us so busy on damage control and clean-up that it leaves time for little else.

He is a cute tornado, though.  I’ll give him that.  And such a joy.  I’ll give him that too, even if he is a whirling, swirling, mess of chaos and mischief.

I know, I know.  All toddlers are like that. 


There’s something about this little guy, maybe that twinkle in his eye as he’s about do something he knows he shouldn’t, grinning over his shoulder at us as the words “Stop!” form in our mouths only to do whatever it is, and run away giggling, before we can actually get the words out…?  Yeah.  Something about that twinkle, grin, and giggle.

But, this letter wasn’t supposed to be about him.  I’m not sure what this letter was supposed to be about, actually.  I just started typing with an idea in my head and here we are miles away from that idea.

I was going to mention that I’ve given up coffee and I’m doing my best to give up sugar.  I’m trying to get some more exercise but the tornado in the house (along with his brothers and the kingdom cats and everything else that goes with running the kingdom) is making it difficult to carve out time for that.  I am trying though.  And I am getting more than I was a month ago.  It’s a start and I’m hoping to continue with that.

One of the Kingdom Cats isn’t doing very well at the moment.  She has kidney disease and has been in and out of the hospital a couple times in the last month.  We’re working on managing it and getting her three critical kidney numbers back into a normal range but it is so going and hard work.  The Queen, who is still as amazing and brilliant and wonderful as always, has been incredible in administering subcutaneous fluids at home.  Think dialysis but for a cat.  It’s weird.  But, it’s helping.

The Little Prince just finished his first ever sport season.  What a wild ride that was.  The Queen and I questioned our sanity for signing him up for it and seeing it through.  He loved it though and he’s already signed up again so it must not have been all that bad.

The Litter Prince is in kindergarten now.  That blows my mind.  He’s digging it, though, and isn’t fighting against the routines and asks of school as much as his older brother did at first. 

And me?  I’m still writing fiction as often as I can, while helping manage all of the above and work my east coast hour job while living on the west coast.  Busy.  But good.  Stressed.  But doing okay.  Happy.  Absolutely.  At work we often use the phrase “living the dream” sarcastically.  Here I mean it genuinely.  I’m living the dream.

And you, dear blogosphere?  How are you doing?  Is the extra fancy stress something you are familiar with?  What’s going on with you?

I’d love to hear all about it.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Matticus, the one and only Jester of the Matticus Kingdom

32 thoughts on “guested: A letter from Matticus

  1. Yay guest post! Thanks for writing. I’m so glad the family is doing well, and I’m thinking good thoughts for the kingdom kitty. We’re going caffeine free at the same time! Though I’m hoping mine is temporary. 🙂

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    1. I’m hoping my break from coffee is temporary too. We’ll see if my numbers improve and I can go back to enjoying a cuppa now and then.
      Thank you for having me here. Been forever since I’ve guest posted anywhere.
      Did you really count all the words from my letters?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yep I did! Almost 32,000. But I think I missed a few from that county to jail to prison transition, and I didn’t count the words in her addresses. So, very close to what I said, but still not exact. 😂

        Wishing us a caffeinated future! 🙏🏽😂


        1. That’s a lot of words. Sheesh. And I haven’t written that much sense. One of these days I will again though.
          I don’t miss the coffee as much as I miss the sugar. A candy bar sounds so dang amazing. Sigh.

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          1. There’s some decent sugar free candy! But I get it you’re trying to not replace a habit with a habit.

            I’m feeling better from having done these days of Nano but I definitely am not writing like I was then. Fancy stress eats away that writing time, but I’m trying to make an effort to get it back.

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                    1. Not a zillion! Like… Ten? Maybe? Something like that. I guess I could look it up but pfft that sounds like work. And here it is midnight sneaking up on me again.


  2. I’m not sure what I could say to you here that you haven’t already read on my blog, but I’m glad to see everything is going well in the Kingdom. You’re definitely one of the good guys and it’s pleasing to know things are going well for you.

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    1. Thank you for that. And thank you, which is weird to say I think, for posting as much as you have been recently. I’ve been missing this immensely. These interactions. These stories and friendships.


      1. Things changed here. Things happened. Life happened. Jobs happened. Kids happened. A LOT happened.

        I probably could’ve posted more, but the truth is I was pretty numb. In a lot of ways, I still am.

        I wrote a post near the end of my regularly blogging schedule named “My Emotional Breaker Tripped.” I don’t know that it’s ever been reset.

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        1. I feel that in so many ways. Life has happened. I rarely post anymore either. And a lot of the time it is a struggle to even do the once a week I’ve committed to. You could ask Revis how long it’s been I’ve owed him edits on one of our stories…

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  3. I really REALLY liked the whole toddlerocracy imagery. We have a similar toddlerocracy situation here and your littlest prince sounds almost exactly like my littlest princess, haha. The letter format was lovely too. It was a joy to read your post today.

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    1. Unfortunately, editing has taken a back seat to basically everything else right now in the kingdom. So, I wouldn’t say I’m seriously looking for an editor right now, but that could change one of these days.

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