20. eyelash love

In middle school, Brittney picked a fallen eyelash off my cheek. She set it on top of her index finger and told me she had stolen a wish. She made the small-whoosh sound of blowing out a single birthday candle, and her corresponding puff floated my eyelash into the air.

Now I keep my own wishes, and I have added an important layer to this inherited game. I am not allowed to think. I see an eyelash down, I grab it, and I wish as I blow it into the air– as fast as I can read this sentence.

I am a very fast reader. I act like a stranded eyelash is a rapidly deteriorating future, activated by my perception of it.

This month, the same source of not wanting to be alive last year, has caused hair loss, and every day now I wake up to several lashes fallen. Cheekbones scatted with autumn lash.

I rake my face of them.

In rapid fire succession, I wish for you. I wish for you to get the thing you want. It seems like, lately, every morning and night, your wishes are the first thing that come to mind.

But the point of this is what I’ve noticed, twenty something years after middle school. What I’ve noticed is: you do not always get everything you want.

It’s possible Brittney just did not know what she was talking about. It’s likely, even. Middle school is a hard time.

But it’s also possible this has to do with how frail my lashes are when they autumn now. It’s not the cause of a season anymore, so much as a collapsing.

I think we can also agree that it’s possible I have not been specific enough.

Just a half year ago, having found an eyelash on the tip of my nose while preparing for the day, I wished for a toothpaste I liked, not just one I tolerated. I found one immediately.

Every day I brush my teeth, mouthful of foam, heart full of magic.
I will keep wishing for you.

Reminder to visit the Peppers! Day 20 is when the uugh-what-am-I-doing settles in, the did-I-miss-too-many-days-already. A nice heart emoji from a reader can sometimes refuel us for the final stretch. If it’s more convenient, here we are on a list: https://wordpress.com/read/list/rarasaur/nanopoblano2022

9 thoughts on “20. eyelash love

  1. I have read all of your daily thoughts. I don’t always respond, and there are probably more like me that are remiss in that. However, that is such a simple thing that we should do. I should do. It’s a simple thing called showing appreciation for how someone else can put into words the thoughts or feelings I may have about things, but I don’t get it out of my brain into the light.
    Thanks for shining your light. 😊❤️
    So, know that your thoughts are things to ponder, and apply in some way to my day to day. You just never can know where the universe will come thru to you. (“You” being me)
    And they come to me as emails, so I have yet to erase any of them of this month, because I like to reread them, and think again sometimes.

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  2. This morning, on the sheet of composition book paper I was about to write my journal upon, there was a single eyelash. I didn’t know this, until after I had taken a picture of the beginnings of my journal scribbles for safekeeping, and with it, the safekeeping of that single lash. What I wrote was,
    “Not that I need to, not that I want to, only that… I will”.
    I will keep that cryptic wish, and the picture of the single lash, forever, for you. Because who doesn’t need a saved, forever wish, every now and then?🦖❤️🦖

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  3. I do a similar thing but I tell the person it is their lash and to make a wish and blow it off my finger. In the process of them doing so, I wish that their wish will indeed come true for them.


  4. Whenever the Star card shows itself, it means ‘wish granted’. The caveat is to be careful what you wish for – you’re going to get it (in one form or another)! Here’s to knowing what to wish for and then watching it all unfold perfectly.



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