22. redecorating

I want my room to boop your nose when you walk in. I want the yellow curtain to lava the walls and warm you. I want you warm sand safe, barefoot and brave, grinning into the volcano light.

I want you to see everything I love, on the shelves, and in the mirror. I want you to see how well it all has loved me back.

There will be too many dinosaurs, and a cloud that lights up, and a disco ball full of plant, and every tool I use to reach you will be on hand for the grabbing. I want familiarity and surprise in every corner.

I think I will buy a little ceramic stone pot for the table, so I can melt marshmallows with a friend. I think I will not buy a bookshelf, but simply let the books pile where they will.

I want a textured nest that holds me no matter what shape I am. I want a basket of snacks, that I promise I will not eat in bed. I want to be able to snap a photo from any angle and be delighted by what it has captured. I want to capture a snapshot or shadow of everything I love.

And I want a lot of floor space.
A lot of floor space for a tiny space.

I want to spin, and spin, and spin until all my worries turn to gold.

12 thoughts on “22. redecorating

  1. Awww love the intentional space design, I’m inspired! I felt booped just by reading about it! I’ll have to think about how I’d like my guests/family to feel and see if words help me 🙂


  2. Spin your worries to gold, now there is a plan. I used to not have a bookshelf in my old room. The room that belonged to me in my mother’s house. Now my mother’s new house has no room that belongs to me. When I did not have a bookshelf I piled my books in towers in front of the fireplace. It was a great barrier to stop the draft screeching itself down the chimney and into my room. Tottering towers of books. Once we had builders in and they told my brother to buy me a kindle. He did. I appreciated the gesture but they did not appreciate my towers of books, but rather saw them as an inconvenience. Anyway. All this to say, I loved this post so much. So vivid, so warm, your room totally reached it’s volcano finger through your words and booped me on the nose. I FELT cosy reading this. Thank you ❤



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