Every year around this time, my Premium WordPress account expires. Every year around this time, every single year, my blog-supporting ko-fi goal is reached and I reset it for the following year.

(Thank you.)

This is the part where I dust the moneybunnies, and give you an accounting of sorts.

The goal is always $700 because that pays for the $99 account, the two domains that usually run between $15-$20 each, my $440/year PO Box, and stamps/packaging to send mail to readers who are incarcerated or otherwise unable to read the posts here. Etsy sales for that timeframe– last NanoPoblano to this NanoPoblano– equal $60 net.

Normally, I spend about over twice that amount on “being Rarasaur”, but this year, my totaled receipts come in at just $760. That’s how tired I’ve been.

I even thought about getting rid of the PO Box. I replied to my first letter from a non-incarcerated person all year in August. I’ve had a little dino-heart pin to send Di for a year now, but it’s been a year of so little heart that it felt phony to send.

(Either way, I will likely get a cheaper PO Box and change the goal accordingly. I no longer need the accommodations that the one I have now provides.)

Every year, around this time, I think about what my goals for the year should be. I make an accounting of what happened. Last year, I didn’t do this and it felt like a forgetting.

I know not everyone is a creature of rituals, but I think I am, and I think I want to respect that a little better this year.

In the Nano-to-Nano accounting cycle:

  • I’ve written 76 posts.
  • Y’all donated around $760. That’s $10 a post!
  • One incarcerated best beloved got a copy of every single post, even in April when I posted one questionable poem every day. They also got 40 various posts from friends who I know are comfortable with their work being printed off and mailed into a CA State Prison.
  • My two most popular posts were written in 2020. (How to Heal thanks to WordPress, and Where I’m From, thanks to teachers.) I think 2023 will be the year of a post that outpaces those.
  • I started guest posts again!
  • I added absolutely nothing to the Oddcast. The goal for next cycle is 12.

As always, let me know if there’s more information you’d like to see, or if there’s some kind of goal that would bring joy to your heart. (Maybe another friendship bracelet mail out?! Maybe 200 posts in one year? Maybe a call to finish the Stroke book?)

Thank you for your support. Every month, I get a little notification, and I cannot quite explain what those $3 at a time mean to me. It’s like a loving comment, but more ubiquitous.

It’s like I am a book on your shelf. And every so often, you tap my spine lovingly and say, “I hope there’s some new stuff soon.”

I hope for that, too.

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