23. the bake pan’s dream

The blue bake pan catches the rainbow. The blue bake pan holds the rainbow.

The blue bake pan bakes the rainbow. Makes a dozen. Makes baker’s dozen. Makes a million more.

The blue bake pan gives a rainbow to every raindrop. Every raindrop sends it back to the kitchen.

They like to share.

The blue bake pan puts the rainbows together. Builds one the world can wear like a smile.

The blue bake pan’s rainbow holds the world.

10 thoughts on “23. the bake pan’s dream

  1. I read the newest Bill Friday post after writing this. 😂

    “But the point of my point is, and this is the part that I really want to drive home, in a month-long parade of posts like National Blog Posting Month, writers write as themselves. Maybe more like themselves than at any other time of the blogging year, because… after so many posts on consecutive days… all the varnish is off the mixed-metaphorical hot dog. There is no plan anymore, as if you had a plan to begin with.

    By today, Day 23, all there is that’s left inside is an imprint of your true self.”

    Yikes. 😂

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  2. I agree and am blogging away with my daily inspirations… I’m only sorry you didn’t add me and Jan to your pepperteam as asked! Maybe oneday when you’ve more time you’ll appreciate new friends here❤️ happy thanksgiving day if you’re celebrating rara❤️ much love x


    1. Hi Barbara, I’m setting aside Thanksgiving prep to add you right now. I want to assure you that new friends are always welcome here and via the other Peppers, and that the majority of the list every year consists of people I do not know. (This is the first year where I’m even on a named basis with maybe even half.) It’s not an issue of a lack of appreciation.

      NanoPoblano has been going on since my husband was alive, and it just takes time. I work full time. I’m sick full time. I’ve learned that if I do not write every day, the success rate for the team falls to below 30%. If I do not Captain, the success rate falls below 30%. I make the badge every year, distribute it and do the tech support. I make the Nano list, and the list on the reader. I get over 200 emails, phone calls, and comments asking about the details before we even get started.

      And Captains are harder to find than you’d think with that much involvement. This year, if Bill Friday (mentioned here) hadn’t stepped up to manage the Facebook page, it would be a zone of chaos, because, as I’ve written about here. I’m recovering from a great many things, and still writing, and still reading as many of the posts as I can, and still being the support contact for most of the participants.

      Honestly even just getting the roster is difficult because I co-manage over 35 wordpress accounts for people, and it just takes time to find it in the list and do the navigating. I do what I can, even if it means sacrificing building relationships on my blog, as you can see from a general lack of comment response through the month as I try my best to manage time. And this year, I also wasn’t even able to offer encouraging words or prompts to people– simply a list, and a space, and one more quiet reader.

      All that to say, it is a lot! And sometimes things, and even more sadly, people, get lost in the fray. I am genuinely sorry about that. Writing every day is not easy, and I celebrate you for doing so. I hope your Thanksgiving goes beautifullly.

      (I have no idea who Jan is or how to find that blog, I did not see the name on the Roster Call at https://cheerpeppers.wordpress.com/2022/10/28/nano-poblano-2022/ and unfortunately searching comments isn’t easy anymore, so feel free to reply with the link and I’ll add that, too.)

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      1. Thanks rara❤️ I appreciate everything you and everyone does to keep love shining. I’ll send you a link to jan… who in the meantime gave up😢 If I can help in the future I’m here! Happy thanksgiving🥰


    1. Happy Thanksgiving, Di. Every day I look at mail I’ve packaged up for you and haven’t send, haha, but I promise it’s coming in 2023. “The year I catch up.” So much love to you. Thanks for being a light. 🙂

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