24. crumble and layer

Today was a little bit rotten. I didn’t get to see anyone because they were sick, and then I was sick. Just last month, we went through a whole song and dance about how I don’t have throat cancer, and today, clear as day, a huge lump has appeared.

A few things happened to make me feel like I was bad at everything: blogging, working, family, friends.

But not biscuit-making.

I’m pretty decent with biscuits because I understand layers. I understand being a thing of rise and crumble.

The other day, I saw a handwritten blog post while clearing through my memory box. I held that prison-yellow paper in my hands but couldn’t make myself read it. It’s funny because I can always tell which post it is, just by holding it. I knew it was from Thanksgiving 2014. I know it doesn’t say it in the post, but it was written the first day I felt safe again.

Right now, I made myself read it. Then, I took the post off private, so y’all could read it too, if you want, in case you needed a reminder that we get through everything, step by step.

Chin up, friends. I am grateful for you.

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