27. a thinkaloud

I took a page of Lizzie’s book today and, when stuck, borrowed a prompt from the Promptosaur. My prompt was about being an ambassadorif I became a household name, what types of products would I want to promote?

I would not want to be a household name. There’s something about the echo of it, the telephone-game of it. One day, you step outside into the world, and your name no longer belongs to you.

I don’t mind when this happens with my writing.

I went to an online workshop earlier this year, about the interrogation of grief in writing, and how to analyze it from an academic lens. The second piece we tackled as a group was one of mine. I was surprised because I wasn’t aware that particular blog post had left my little corner of the internet.

(Sometimes I know. Some posts go their own way, but most sit here the heart-pockets of Rarasaur blog.)

As people analyzed the piece, more and more true things became theoretical.

What if I did not actually have a cat? What if the cat’s name, Perdita, was a writing mechanism– being a reference to a lost soul, being a word that stems from the word lost? What if that means Dave’s name was also a choice? A David and Goliath reference, perhaps? What does the writer mean by saying she was in a prison when her husband died? Could it be a reference to how we live locked into the mythology of an unending all-important life?

It was actually a lot of fun. But imagine if that was being done with your actual human existence? Your story and not just a curated snapshot of it?

No, the household-name life is not for me, but I have been thinking a lot about products.

I signed up for an Amazon Storefront recently so I could compile tools that helped me through the strokes, and one big list of tools I use to make my life more autism-friendly. Not everything I would recommend is on Amazon though, and I haven’t started looking at some of the other services that let you collect recommendations.

It’s a lot of work, and I’ve been so very busy, so I haven’t started, but my current system is also a lot of work. Basically, every time someone reaches out for help, I give them an unofficial TedTalk and a few dozen links to books and helpful items.

Maybe the answer to this is another blog, but in all my years of blogging, “another blog” has never really worked out for me. I always come back here, and the other, no matter how critical of a function it holds, fades away.

I know this post is mostly just thinking aloud, but I’m very open to suggestions. Do you do something, or did you experience something, that makes you a kind of expert? Where people ask you for book recommendations or ways to improve their life?

Do you have a system? Does it work?

4 thoughts on “27. a thinkaloud

  1. I have nothing to give, unfortunately. I am not an expert in anything. However, I do like that you attended a class which analysed your work, and dissected it apart to create alternate realities out of yours. Makes me realise that this is what we probably do to all those dead authors in our literary classes. Who knows, maybe Austen did not mean all she was supposed to have meant. I hope you find your system!

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  2. Congratulations on one of your works analyzed with an academic lens!
    I generally don’t give people advice or my opinion until they ask. I always want to help; when I read or hear someone who sounds like they need help, I assess to see if they need someone to listen or need solution(s). Listening is still a work in progress, since I prefer to find solutions.

    Q: Do you do something, or did you experience something, that makes you a kind of expert?
    A: I’m a teacher in real life = my expertise is teaching.

    Q: Where people ask you for book recommendations or ways to improve their life?
    A: I read a lot more articles than books, so I’ll give links to articles. If they admire something I’ve done to improve my life, I tell them how I trained myself to accomplish that.

    Q: Do you have a system? Does it work?
    A: I’m reading and commenting at night, so I might interpret this incorrectly. I would suggest that you create an organized resource page with Headings and relevant info.
    Ex. 1: Heading > Book Title linked > how it helped you
    Ex. 2: Heading > What you did to overcome or live with ___
    This makes it easier on you, since you can put it here, update it as you go, and refer everyone to it. One stop shop.


  3. That’s crazy and kind of uncomfortable… must have been surreal… did the person running the workshop know you were there and that was… you?

    Well, as the first of my friends to get divorced, people sometimes come to me with broken hearts to ask how I survived and how they can, too. I sometimes refer them to my blog where I wrote my way through it and a few of the books that helped me most because, well, I may have done the work already but I don’t want to keep reliving it. It’s not really a fun thing to be known for (so I often don’t volunteer the information to new people) and there’s also no easy cure-all for it so it’s different every time.


  4. Lately I have been crushing on this app called twosapp.com. It’s kind of like a place to combine digital post-it notes, and bullet journaling but online or device instead of with a pen and paper. It’s a little like a second brain except it doesn’t forget things like my regular brain does. What I’m learning as I go is that if I tag things, then all I need to do is tap the tag and all my reference to it will pop up. Perhaps something like that, if you made your notes as you go and then tagged them, you could share it with people when they ask. Bonus, it’s free.

    I would not want to be a household name, either. Unless I was queen, lol. 😉

    xoxox ❤



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