5 November Joys

1. The joy of idea gardens: People finally using Promptosaur is reminding me that everything blooms differently and on its own schedule. The important thing is to continue to nourish the small beginnings we would like to see grow into futures.

2. The joy of found calling: Ra Avis is not my real name, but I recently had to prove to a social media platform that it is. And I did. It was rewarding to see that I’d done enough with this lil junkyard name of my own choosing to grant it sanctuary.

3. The joy of pause: I’ve let myself do a lot more nothing than what I’ve thought was possible. At first I stayed up at night worrying about the texts I did not reply to, and the mail I did not get to, and all the everything that could have filled the nothing — but now I just think — I made it through a this month, and I took care of myself too.

4. The joy of pigeon nest: My room is still not done, but I’ve seen so much progress in this last month. It does not look like any bedroom I’ve seen before, but it feels like what I need to mark home.

5. The joy of the clumping bits of good news: Sometimes you get good news and it’s hard to enjoy it, because the sound of it is stuck in the teeth of the bad news it was born from. This month there was much of that. When put all together, I can easily hear it and celebrate. Some vague and unrelated things in my clump: I got the closure I’d been praying for. It was not cancer! I got to see him laughing, even if it is just only this one last time. I caught the fire when it was small because I have made my life beautifully accessible to me. I saw growth in a garden where I had nearly stopped watering, and growth in a garden I had definitely stopped watering, and growth in gardens I thought my neighbors had abandoned for good.

7 thoughts on “5 November Joys

  1. Beautiful list, and wonderful photos. I especially love the last one with the what we call scones but you call biscuits in a bowl with a cloth hanging over the side, the honey, the pomegranates. Someone’s hand lovingly made those foods and they look to be shared between people. I hope you had some good conversations over those scones and honey and pomegranates.



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