30. boop

Powdered sugar and painted light,

I wish us all a warm-soul night.

Painted dream, and powdered day,

I wish us all a love-blessed way.

10 thoughts on “30. boop

  1. Frigid day and star-kissed night, May the season bring you love and light.
    Frigid night and cloudy day, May the season bring joy every day.
    From far away, in wintry Ohio,
    My comments may be rare, I know,
    But as always, and for all time,
    May you continue to spread love, in or out of rhyme.

    Hope all us well with you and yours, and may all this season, and all seasons, have, be yours, dear Lady. 😉

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  2. Tick, tick the moments away.
    We count the minutes to New Year’s Day,
    And hope the Nee Year bound our way
    Will be better than the old on passed away.
    So I’ll just drop in quick to say
    May you be blessed in every way
    On this New Year’s Day, and every day.

    If I don’t catch you before then, Happy New Year, and may all the best be yours each and every day!

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      1. Okay, I’ll admit, I’m emoji illiterate (except for the REALLY old ones). I see a party horn (#3) and I think maracas for #4, but the first two stump me. Can you take pity on an old fart and translate for me?



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