100 / Relief

Today I spell Relief with a capital R. I write her big-named, big-boned, and bolded. She empties my chest of bars, operas my throat with song. Today, I let her sing up space.

I raise myself above the background noise. I let life be life, but I pull the good stuff a little closer.

I know the good stuff and the bad stuff is all the same stuff,
but today I pull the good stuff a little closer.

Close, like,

slow dance in the rain.

My shoulders rest into melody, my jaw swings free.
I do not feel the drops.

15 thoughts on “100 / Relief

      1. Very much appreciated. Had to go find a new doctor after 15 years, naturally while suffering from a nasty head cold that has me hoarse, then, for the first time since the event, drove right past the spot where my beloved kitty, Nicky, died last year, seizuring in his crate on my lap with the car pulled over on the side of the road. I love all my furry friends, but Nicky was one of two VERY special guys (the other being my Border Collie who’s been dead for 20 years, but still makes me cry).

        So, a sucky day overall. Thanks again for the boost!

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        1. Aw I’m so sorry. Having to find a new doctor is its own type of grief, and to have that weighed down by more grief, when you aren’t even feeling well— that stinks. I’m sorry and I’m wishing you a better tomorrow. ❤️


          1. Well, the doctor thing isn’t so much grief as a huge pain in the … butt. 😉 But I’ll take all the help I can get. And of course, all my best to you. May the light of a thousand stars guide you to pleasant dreams, and may the songs of a thousand birds wake you to a wonderful day. Good night, fair lady.



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