May 23, 2015 The water bottle is crinkling. Around it, conversation is soft, muted, somber– but there’s no volume control on plastic. I turn to look at the small hands holding the bottle. He’s balanced in his mom’s arms, joyfully squeezing sounds out of the bottle. I smile at his mom, and then I make […]

1000 days

There was a pair of shoes at Nordstrom’s last week that Dave would have loved, but I didn’t buy them because I couldn’t remember his shoe size. And, obviously, also because dead men do not need shoes. Today he’s been gone for 1000 days. That’s a big number. Four digits, even. But it hardly seems […]

like candy

John Candy died on a Friday.  I was nine and a half years old, seated on the bed of a Red Lion hotel. Room 34.  (That last part I only remember because it was March 4th and the room number matched the day.) The bedding was the sort I didn’t like.  The fall-toned coverlet was […]