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Hey there! My name is Ra, — welcome home. I’ve built a good life…. a few times over.  I’m in the process of doing it again and I’m awfully glad you’re here for the ride. You should know:  I’m not really a writer– I’m really more a reader than anything else– but I like to […]

let’s get spicy

November is just around the corner, and while many of our writer friends will be participating in NaNoWriMo (congrats, y’all, and good luck!) — some of us will be doing what we do. Running our yearly blog-marathon. One month. A post every day. We call it NanoPoblano. There will be badges, and Facebook antics. There […]

to be serious

It’s one of those mornings where everything sounds like poetry. The kind where words are as big as love itself and they balance on tiny feet. Tiny feet pressed close together, only able to shuffle forward. The kind of poetry where there isn’t enough space between sentences to catch your breath and, so, where you […]

made fresh

If a slice of cake is fluffy, an elf blew kisses in it. If a cherry pie looks sunburned, you forgot to skin it. If the jello jiggles in your mouth, it’s prolly scared of dark. If bonbons roll ’round too much, teach them how to park. If the cookie crumbles down alone, you loved […]

yellow wrappers 

When I was small,  a butterscotch from the crystal bowl on my dad’s desk fixed almost everything.  I’d carry one in my pocket before doing difficult things,  just in case. I understand now that it didn’t really fix anything ever, but that grown-up life-knowledge never seems to stop me from reaching into pockets in search […]

sweep them

Today, I had an unplanned trip to the Museum of Ice Cream.   I’ve wanted to go for awhile but tickets are hard to come by. A friend was kind enough to bring me along when her plus one couldn’t make it.  The traveling museum is known for many things but nothing so much as […]

like family

I’m typing this post on my phone because I’m eating an ice cream sandwich.   That’s it.   That’s the only dessert reference for this post.  You’ll have to accept it because I barely have time to eat, let alone eat something that requires two hands just so I can later sit still and think […]

blind fear

I write a lot about Love, about Justice, about Intuition– about all the essential things that see without seeing. I think a lot about blind spots, about the way relationships of all sizes fog the windows and leave smudges that hide all manner of warning lights.   I think about how life doesn’t believe in speed […]