long odd life

“nobody loses all the time.” e.e. cummings This time of year, the good odds are onsky-pollens joyriding skin,and foghorns picking up the nightshift,and the icecream man travelinginfinity timeloops through thesesun-charmed Long Beach streets. The good odds are on a funeral:another deep breath of my heartlost to time. Sometimes the horse with a bad hip wins,and sometimesthe horse that knows the track by heartdoesn’t have to … Continue reading long odd life

spare change

I can’t help but love love, and anything else that brings me close to the first breath of space. An artist on the internet makes an elephant smaller than a teardrop and it may be the heaviest an almost-atom has ever been, and I cannot own it because even my spare change must be spent surviving the atoms that try to crush me, so that … Continue reading spare change

how to have my day

Pull a shoulderthrough your phonefor your tearsto borrow.Be embarrassed,but feel better. Feel better. Steal gasps of airand replace themwith even bigger gaspsof used air.The key is you must givemore than you’ve taken.Quiet the panic.Feel better. Ruin your make up.Twice. Forget your name.Forget to eat. Eat a scoop of peanut butterand feel better. Retweet a strangerand borrow more problems. Reply to a DMand borrow more problems. … Continue reading how to have my day


In the alleyway the children play,and today play means screaming,means catch me if you can. Time time time, they say,between the shouts,so loudI almost stop doing taxesbecause fair is fair,and someone called time. I remember the game.I remember the rules. I do not remember how it wasto shriek my laughterthrough my neighborhoodlike the boss of space and time. Continue reading saturday