We only think frogs say ribbit because it is the dialect of a Hollywood frog. They made it to the movies, to the big screen, to the big time, and now their croak is immortalized. I don’t know why I’m thinking about frogs. It’s something about how my face feels right now. Clenched, wrinkled, and toady. Oh. I’m thinking about toads. It’s been long and … Continue reading frog

14. 100 / rock paper cat

Midnight is sneaking up on me, crouching in the day’s edges, waiting to pounce. I should be writing but instead I turn to rock, sinking my story-spin into frozen-earth. Stillness comes naturally to the hunted– maybe even more naturally than run. Wait feels safer than chase. The gravel of me wears a wedding dress of blank page. The vow to write today, and every day, … Continue reading 14. 100 / rock paper cat

12. tamarian stay

Argos beforeOdysseus leaves.Samwise, Samwise.Harry on the phoneat Christmas.Don’t be afraid to justphone moi.Wendy, old,and happywith dreamsof flight. Sometimes I don’t know how I got to where I am. Today I was redecorating my room. I moved a shelf from one side, to the other side, without my roommate’s help. For the time being, that means it isn’t secured to the wall. I still put everything … Continue reading 12. tamarian stay