Featuring a collection of concepts pulled through in story form, memoirist Ra Avis gently calls for happiness in a time of healing.  The book is decorated with sign board images and handscribed doodles constantly reaffirming the message that you are loved.


In this compilation of poetry  and prose centered around author Ra Avis’ time incarcerated, a story is built on the edges and principles of a prison environment, rather than centered on the author’s journey itself.  These true stories from 438 days of incarceration are about the illusion of dignity, the malleability of justice, and the fluidity (and fluids) of the human condition.



Some things stay still, and others move forward, and all things do both. Listen to the little flower and the big star learn how to gently say goodbye.  Illustrated by Joshua P. Stroder and written by Ra Avis, this short book is all about inevitable transitions.