Enjoy your adventure, little one.  May you find precious treasures you never thought to seek.


This is a fairly arbitrary collection of the most favorite Rarasaur posts ever.  It’s not really a direct science, since I sort of just mark posts as popular if likes or comments exceed the normal amount… or if they win something.  As times goes on, the metrics of that comparison shift.  Also, I simply forget to mark some posts. I also mark some that I like even if no one else liked it.  In other words, here are some random posts. Enjoy!


I met Dave (artist name: Grayson Queen) when I was 20 years old.  We were happily together (with our two cats, Perdita & Flash) until he died of kidney failure in May of 2015.  I was 31 years old and incarcerated.  He was my best friend, business partner, blog-buddy, and husband.  I’m still figuring it all out, and I’m documenting the process when I can.  Included here are also posts I wrote about him when he was still very much alive, and the Ra-Son projects we worked on together.  It’s all jumbled.  I guess jumbled is how I widow.


insidevoiceThese are prison-related posts. They may be about the faces I loved there, and the masks I wore.  They may simply be a memory, or could be locationally-set within a cage.  The ones written while incarcerated are prefaced with “unlocked”.  These can be overwhelming simply because the world described here is (hopefully) out of your element.  So, before you read, I want to start you with two thoughts that are important to remember.  (1) I am home now. (2) I was loved through it all.




heartachesThe stuff here isn’t necessarily happy.  Sometimes, it’s moody.  Scary. Melancholic. Upset. Angry. Terrified.  Topics vary, but the tone stays frightfully similar.  If it’s the sort of thing you enjoy or need, I hope you enjoy it.

heartmeltsI only survived the last few years with a little help from my friends. I owe quite a bit of gratitude to the world, and this is my feeble start. Most are long reads, and all are squishy mushy ones. Please spread the love to the people mentioned. They are bright lights!