5 march joys

1 Small Acknowledgement I was announced as a finalist for the Women’s National Book Association’s Creative Non Fiction contest with seven other lovely humans. I also keep a bookshelf through the website Bookshlf.com that was featured on their top 100 shelves! I use this site to collect a bunch of articles that I need to reference again and again. The shelf I have linked here … Continue reading 5 march joys

5 february joys

I realize it’s March now, but I like this series so I’m just going to pretend that I wrote and posted this yesterday. And since we’re pretending, I will also imagine that I am writing this while seated elegantly on a giant translucent bubble, eating pie. My hair is perfect. 1 Kind interviewers. However they go in the end, I am grateful that I’ve had … Continue reading 5 february joys